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French Christmas Celebration Part 2
Documentary author: Admin 27 June 2011

Country: France
Genre: Nudism Documentary

French Christmas Celebration Part 2

Description: Christmas in a large family naturists, part two. Cheerful and good holiday - Christmas! A large family naturists, young and old are preparing to celebrate. Decorating the Christmas tree, preparing gifts and prizes, and a chorus of live communication. Adults along with the children having fun and playing, allow children to reflect their artistic thoughts in his own body, and of course gifts - their service is officially and directly together. The children are happy, happy adults. The holiday was a success!

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Fantastic Fun Time Festival
Documentary author: Admin 22 June 2011

Year: 2005
Country: Ukraine
Genre: nudism, naturism
Directed by: Peter Dietrich
Studio: Enature

Fantastic Fun Time Festival

Description: Another film about the Day of Neptune in Koktebel.
Our Ukrainian naturist friends have spent seemingly endless days of sun, sea and happiness and now they have arrived at the last days, sadly. But this does not spoil the party atmosphere, on the contrary, it adds to the vitality, and the annual Koktebel Sea Festival helps them along in this task. Once again all the freedom and joy of these naturist families and the games organized on the beach really do spell out an unforgettable Fantastic Fun-Time Festival!

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Take Off Your Clothes and Play!
Documentary author: Admin 15 June 2011

Year: 2008
Country: Ukraine
Genre: nudism, naturism
Directed by: Piter Dietrich
Studio: Enature.net

Take Off Your Clothes and Play!

Description: This is a compilation of scenes from several meetings Ukrainian naturists taking place in different places of the Crimea and Odessa. About 15 minutes of material included in the films, "Carnival in Koktebel" and "When the clothes fall off."
This is a compilation of scenes from several Naturist events. There is about 15 minutes of footage that is duplicated from our videos «Carnival in Koktebel» and «When the Clothes Come Off». The rest of the video is divided into segments titled: «Summer is a Coming in Odessa», «Where the Beach Fun Never Ends», «You Can't do this with your Clothes On», «Ah Odessa!» And «Naked in a Winter Wonderland ».

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Sunny days - Funny plays!
Documentary author: Admin 9 May 2011

Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: Enature.net

Sunny days - Funny plays!

Description: A traditional holiday film about nudists in Koktebel. As always, lots of sun, nudity and games.
The Crimea is once again host to dozens of naturist families, who gather each summer on the Black Sea shores to soak up the sun and play their holidays away without clothes and without a care in the world. The uncomplicated character of these naturists lends itself perfectly to a blend of good humor and childlike fun that will enchant you over and over as you watch in amazement these Sunny Days and Funny Plays!

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Summer Solstice #1
Documentary author: Admin 2 May 2011

Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: Enature.net

Summer Solstice #1

Description: A large group of families get together to praise the arrival of the summer solstice as only they know how. Body painting, childrens games, funny dancing and so much more fill the most unique celebration of the summer solstice ever recorded on film!

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Summer Solstice #2
Documentary author: Admin 1 May 2011

Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: Enature.net

Summer Solstice #2

Description: Part 2 carries on where the first part left off, with fabulous games and contests of all kinds that involve all the family. More fantastic body art takes place, and other strange games that will keep you smiling as you celebrate with this happy-go-lucky group. Everyone has a wonderful time as they participate totally in this free and naked fun!

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Bart Dude
Documentary author: Admin 29 April 2011

Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: Enature.net

Bart Dude

Description: Excerpts from films shot studio Enature.net.

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Naturist Buddies Vol 2 (Euro-fest Pageant 1)
Documentary author: Admin 27 April 2011

Country: Czech Republic

Naturist Buddies Vol 2 (Euro-fest Pageant 1)

Description: Includes scenes from Bodywork 94, Family Portraits # 1, Sun-Fit Competitions and Eurofest # 1 / # 2.

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Naturist Family Contest 1
Nudism, naturism author: Admin 19 April 2011

Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: Enature.net

Naturist Family Contest 1

Description: Several Naturists show off their various talents in this family contest on the beach. Hundreds of people attend and every contestant wins a prize.

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Naturist Games / Игры Натуристов
Documentary author: Admin 15 March 2011

Год выпуска: 2002
Страна: Россия
Жанр: документальный nudist/нудизм

Naturist Games / Игры Натуристов

Описание: Несколько семей Натуристов проводят выходные на природе, устраивая конкурсы, игры, танцы...

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