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The Cult of Nudity » Documentary

Family Portraits 2
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Documentary nudism / nudist / naturist

Family Portraits 2

Description: Movie Studio Enature of family nudism - Family Portraits 2. Several Czech families swimming in the lake in the canyon, climb the cliff, walk in nature, the sun and just relax. Then, in a country house, we see the life of naturists, they cook, dine, do household chores, and all this in the nude is a little unusual, but funny.
One family goes hiking with friends, two families open their homes for a day.

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Naturist Buddies Vol 6
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Documentary nudism / nudist / naturist

Naturist Buddies Vol 6

Description: The members of the society naturist big imagination and a lot of energy to make life better and more interesting friends. Grandiose birthday party for girls of Petra, which receives all of her friends. Note - parents and children, all without clothes, but passes Birthday much more cultured and more fun than some dressed companies. The plot of a large sports hall tells about the mass interest in sports and games among naturists of all generations. The following shows the home life of the family naturists. Intense and hilarious movie.

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Japan Naked Sport Run
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Country: Japan
Genre: All sex, asian, UNCENSORED

Japan Naked Sport Run

Description: The Olympics of Japanese girls. Contests, competitions, and all in the nude.

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Family Beach Pageant Part 2
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Country: Ukraine
Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: Enature

Family Beach Pageant Part 2

Description: The second part of the video from the studio Enature the adventures of a large family of nudists on the beach of the Black Sea - a complex and difficult process of sunbathing, swimming in the warm ocean waves and the beauty contest among young nudistok and senior fellow member of their way of life.

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Dreaming of Dolphins
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Country: Ukraine
Genre: nudism, naturism
Studio: Enature

Dreaming of Dolphins

Description: A beautiful film studio Enature to meet nudists and dolphins for the first time in this video Dolphins take in the society naturists, who complained to visit them in the waves, then a group of nudists continued to ride on the boat, swimming, and so on ...
A first of it's kind! Skinny dipping with dolphins. As nudists themselves, the dolphins seem to accept the Naturists into their world. Afterward, a group gets together for another great yacht ride, complete with diving and swimming in the ocean.

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High Chaparall. Miss Nude America
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Year: 2003
Country: Sweden
Genre: Nudism

High Chaparall. Miss Nude America

Description: As you know, American society has always been distinguished by strict puritanical mores, until hanzhenskih distortion basic moral principles, so nudism in America always ran into a wall of misunderstanding and rejection among the general population, especially the hinterland. To recall the noisy scandals with advocates outcrop, known to the world by photographers Jock Sterdzhesom, David Hamilton and others, and that is characteristic of all these troubles have occurred in the territory of the United States. So it looks especially funny video - competition for exposure of everyone in the United States held that in the spirit "and you're signed up naturists?"

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Spencer Tunick In Cleveland
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Year: 2004
Country: United States
Genre: Mass Nudity
Directed by: Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick In Cleveland

Description: A short film about a famous American photographer Spencer Tyunik specializing for 14 years on the set of groups of naked people in urban landscapes, to make another campaign - in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, 26.06.2004.
Extras. Information: Flash mob nude in an urban environment.

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A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu (Vivre Nu)
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Year: 1998
Country: France
Genre: Documentary (Nudist - Nanurizm)
Directed by: Robert Salis

A la Recherche du Paradis Perdu (Vivre Nu)

Description: A film without translation (background is a great classic and instrumental music) about the life of nudists in France. Will be of interest to those who like the theme of nudism.

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Playboy: Women of Enron
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Year: 2002
Country: USA
Genre: Documentary, erotic
Director: Frank Martin, Pamela Lane
Cast: Shari Doherty, Taria Reed, Janine M. Howard, etc.
Translation: Russian Professional (Polyphony voice) License

Playboy: Women of Enron

Description: The scandal over fraud in the corporation "Enron" shocked the civilized world. In an instant, more than four thousand people lost their jobs. And then in Texas with a landing audit "Playboy." The result - nine stunning former employee corporation "Enron." These girls are ready to disrupt business in front of you all of their veils and reveal all their corporate secrets!

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SuicideGirls: Guide to Living
Documentary author: Admin 28 July 2011

Released: 2009
Genre: Documentary, erotic
Director: Mike Marshall
Starring: Girls SuicideGirls

SuicideGirls: Guide to Living

Description: It all started back in 2001, when a pair of young Sean Suhl and Missy Suicide with a belief in the idea that creativity and individuality can exist harmoniously with sexuality, founded the project «Suicide Girls». This modern media space with aggression and sexuality, the phenomenon at the intersection of eroticism, art photography, punk rock and simply impossible ambition. This is the newest way to find their own individuality. "The term« Suicide Girls »used by me and my friends to describe girls that we saw on the Pioneer Square Portland with skateboard in hand, the bike Minor Threat, with Ice Cube in their iPod, read the Book of Nick Cave. This is a girl who does not fit into any of the established subcultures and did not try to describe yourself in a particular musical taste like punk, metal, gothic, and so on. It seems to me that the only clear classification for the moment to identify itself this is mainstream and outside the mainstream. That's why we named our project Suicide Girls »- says Missy.

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